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Reasons you should read "Memorable Memoir"

Mritunjay's "Memorable Memoir" is a collection of poems that represents the story of a famous author Viren. In an interview, when asked about his love, Viren expressed it through his poetry. The description of college life flows parallelly with a love story.

The story of Viren's college life with the horror of academics and the sorrow of leaving with a bag full of memories will take you back to your college days. The essence of first love, late-night chatting, and first heartbreak, and intense sorrow will remind you of a phase of your life and the consequence of it as well.

The language is simple and easy to understand. It's a short read and can be read in one sitting within half an hour.

If the author employs more sensation in depicting some sensitive situations, I might like it more.

Overall it is an enjoyable read, and any teenager will cherish reading it.

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